Universal Micro USB Qi Receiver

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Universal Micro USB Qi Receiver

  • Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi International standard

  • Converts most micro USB charged Samsungs to enable wireless charging.

  • This is an external receiver card, plugs into the micro charging port.

  • Once fitted, lies along the outer back case of a phone.

  • A cover can then be placed on the phone over the receiver.

  • Enables the phone to be charged from any Qi wireless transmitter or wireless power bank

Product Features

  • Converts most Samsung micro USB charged phones to enable wireless charging
  • External receiver, easily fitted or removed
  • Qi standard wireless charging receiver
  • Working life > 4,000 hours
  • Compatible with Lexus and Mercedes Wireless charging pads

Technical Specification

  • Input power 5v/600mA
  • Transmission distance 5mm
  • Weight 10g
  • Dimensions 50x75x1mm
  • Genuine WPC authorised and tested for Qi compatible phones.
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