Samsung S3 Qi Wireless Receiver Card

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Samsung S3 Qi Wireless Receiver Card

Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Price each
£7.95 (inc VAT)
  • Complies with WPC Qi international standards.
  • Converts a Samsung Galaxy S3 (not mini) to enable wireless phone charging.
  • No alterations in configuration required as Samsung S3 is pre-wired and programmed for Qi wireless charging.
  • Easy-to-fit and can be used under all phone covers.
  • Phone retains usb charging feature.
  • Enables the phone to be charged via any Qi wireless transmitter or power bank.

These Qi receiver cards convert the Samsung S3 to enable wireless phone charging. You simply stick the card inside your phone cover. The Qi card will sit on top of the battery, under the coverand when used in combination with a standard Qi transmitter or power bank, will act as a Samsung Galaxy S3 wireless charger. The S3 Qi receiver cards comply with current WPC standards. Additionally, parts used in the device are made by companies which are current member of the WPC.

Product Features

  • Converts a Samsung Galaxy S3 to receive wireless phone charging.
  • Can be easily fitted or removed from inside of the battery cover.
  • WPC Qi standard charging receiver.
  • Working life > 4,000 hours.
  • Compatible with Lexus and BMW wireless charging pads.

Technical Specification

  • Input power: 5v/1A
  • Transmission distance: 5mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Dimensions: 50x75x1mm
  • Compatible Model: Samsung Galaxy S3
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