Elevator Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Elevator Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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    Adjustable Qi Wireless Charging Stand and Pad

    • Qi wireless charging pad for wireless charging Qi-enabled phones.
    • Adjustable charging area suitable for any size phone.
    • Charging pad can be adjusted up or down to match the hot spot of phone Qi receiver.
    • Especially suitable for office or by the bed charging.
    • Enables viewing of phone screen whilst charging in Portrait or Landscape mode.
    • Can be removed from the stand and used as a flat wireless pad.
    • Genuine WPC authorised and tested Qi wireless phone charging pad.
    Qi Elevator wireless charging pad
    Qi Elevator wireless charging pad

    This unique Qi wireless phone charger has a large charging area making it suitable for any size phone, in either the portrait or landscape view, ideal for charging whilst watching a movie.

    The 'hot spot' on the pad can be adjusted to line up with the receiver on your phone. Particularly suitable for large phones such as the Samsung Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6 +.

    Ideal as a desk top charger in the upright position to allow the use of the phone for Skpe, films or hands free whilst charging. It is easily removed from the adjustable stand to use as a standard flat wireless charging pad.

    When not in use it goes into standby mode, starts immediately a Qi enabled phone is placed on it.

    Qi Elevator Charging Stand
    Qi Elevator Charging Stand

    Product Features

    • Qi WPC wireless phone charging standard
    • Compact and robust design
    • Adjustable charging stand
    • Wide charging area
    • One year warranty
    • Holds phone securely in upright position
    • Stand can be securely attached to a desktop
    • Qi charging Pad easily removed for horizintal charging

    TX Input: DC5V/1.8A
    RX Output : DC5V/1A max
    Working Frequency: 110-205KHz
    Conversion: 72%
    Charging Distance: 4-10mm
    Weight.: 140g
    Package Size: 72 x 78 x 90mm

    Package Contents:
    Qi Wireless phone Charging Pad and Stand
    USB charging Cable
    User Manual

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