Apple iPhone 5, 6 & 7 Qi Wireless Receiver Jacket

iPhone Model
Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Price each
£9.95 (inc VAT)

The Apple iPhone 5 (not 5c),  6 and 7 (all versions) are converted to enable wireless charging with our receiver jackets. These well-made phone jackets are very robust and come with inbuilt Qi wireless coils, which will enable Apple iPhone to accept wireless charging via any Qi standard wireless charging pad.

After fitting the jacket on your iPhone, just place it down on a Qi pad to start charging. Simply remove the flexible lighting input, without taking the jacket off to charge your iPhone via USB leador for data transfer. The receiver jackets are easily removable and come in two colour variants—black and white. Choose the correct iPhone receiver jacket for your model at checkout.

These Qi receiver jacket to convert your Apple iPhone 6s or 7s to enable phone charging without wires. The Qi iPhone jacket features inbuilt Qi receivers, and combined with a Qi transmitter pad or wireless power bank it will act as an iPhone 6 plus wireless charger. It is one of the best wireless chargers available for the iPhone 6 and 7 on the market. As it not only helps your iPhone charge wirelessly but also protects it from damage.

If you want to use your own phone cover you can opt for Qi receiver cards, which you can place on the back of your phone. It is the perfect alternative to Qi receiver jackets, if you intend to use your own phone jacket. Both Qi receiver jackets and cards comply with current WPC standards.


  • Product Standard : QI
  • TX Input: DC5v/1.5A
  • RX Output :DC5v/600-800mA max
  • Working Frequency : 110-205 KHz
  • Power Distance : 4-8mm
  • Compatible Models : Apple iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6+, 7, 7+
  • Package size : 91x159x21cm
  • Gross Weight (inc Package) : 70g
  • Compatible with Lexus and BMW Wireless charging pads

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