These genuine Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) authorised and tested to Qi standard, make it possible for any Qi-enabled Smart-phone including the new Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X and most Samsung Galaxy to charge wirelessly.  It is also possible to convert the Samsung S3, S4, S5 and Apple iPhone 5, 6 & 7 to also benefit from Qi Wireless, by fitting one of our Qi wireless receivers. This makes your phone charging process much more convenient, with no wires required ever again.

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The triple coil pads have an increased charging area, particularly suitable for the larger Apple iPhone 6 +, 7+ and 8+ & Samsung Note models with larger screens. The two models of Qi power bank can be used as a standard Qi wireless charging pad ,but also enable wireless charging on the go or for travel.

All of WPC’s (Wireless Phone Chargers) wireless charging devices are manufactured according to the standards set by the Wireless Power Consortium, an international governing body for authorising and testing wireless chargers. Beware while purchasing Qi chargers from e-commerce websites like EBay and Amazon, as most are copy or fake Qi products.

By buying these off the official website of Wireless Phone Chargers, you can ensure authenticity; these chargers are designed to make your daily routine easier, all carry a one year warranty.

These handy WPC Qi standard devices make it possible for any Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphone to charge wirelessly. This makes your phone charging process much more convenient, with no wires required. To have wireless charging, your phone will need to have a QI receiver card. Many modern phones have this built in as standard, but not all.  Not sure if your phone model needs a QI Reciever card? Click here to see our current list of QI supported devices.

Our Qi wireless phone chargers and portable wireless power banks, which are all tested and fully authorised by WPC, work with any Qi wireless-enabled phone. They also function with earlier iPhone or Samsung smartphone models that have been converted to accept Qi wireless phone charging.

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