Gadget Show live NEC

Although this is our 2nd year, this will be our first Gadget Show Live and after the recent London Dive Show, only our second Exhibition.

We will be launching a brand new model of in car wireless charging cradle alongside an ultra slim silicon wireless charging pad.

We will have a full selection of QI wireless charging receivers to enable permanent wireless charging for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note. You can try it for  yourself on the stand.

The Aqua Trek power bank will spend the 6 days under water, its light flashing a constant SOS ! We will also have a range of portable power banks that can give between 2 and 6 full charges of a phone before they need a recharge.

We will have 3  portable chargers with back up solar, with capacities ranging from 3 -15 charges of  off-grid power.

Ultra slim QI wireless charging plate
Multi usb mains AC charging hub
12000mah Power Bank charging a phone and tablet

Posted on February 28th 2014

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