Wireless Charging Your Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6S without a lead!

The Wireless Power Consortium, established in 2008,set the world standards for Qi charging your phone wirelessly. Whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging, or iPhone 6S wireless charging you need, Wireless Phone Chargershas the right product to convert your phone.

With this amazing technology, you can throw that old charging cable right out the window. Your iPhone isn’t normally able to charge without the standard charging cable, but that’s where the QiWireless Charging Jacket comes into play. Once you fit this Qi standards-compliant device like you would an extra back cover, you’re ready to charge your iPhone wirelessly!

With the jacket fitted snugly around your phone and the provided lightning input plugged in, simply place your device on any Qi wireless transmitter. That’s it, your phone starts charging. The jackets can be removed quite easily.

Colour choices are black or white. At checkout on the WPC site, you can select the colour and whether the phone you’ll be charging is an iPhone 6 or 6+. Be sure to check the right model before proceeding to pay.

Additionally, your iPhone is now compatible with the wireless transmitter on a Lexus or BMW.

Your S5 is already pre-wired and programmed to be charged wirelessly. The only thing you need to add is a receiver card from WPC. You simply place this thin device on top of your battery, inside the back cover. With this, you’re good to go—you can charge your phone wirelessly from any Qi wireless transmitter or wireless power bank.

You can still charge your phone through its USB port. Also, great news: the wireless transmitter on your Lexus or BMW can now charge your phone.

With the wireless receiver card, Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging is simple and seamless.

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