What is Qi Wireless Charging ?

Can I use Qi Wireless Charging on my phone?

Probably ! In order to charge your phone with Qi Wireless, your phone needs a Qi wireless receiver, it's like Ying and Yang. Many modern smartphones have the Qi receiver built-in as standard, meaning all you need is the charger. For any phones that aren't Qi-enabled as standard, you may be able to purchase our Qi receiver jacket or our Qi receiver which fits direct to the battery, converting it to wireless charging.

Samsung are a few years ahead of Apple (until the iPhone X & iPhone 8) on inbuilt wireless receivers, any model from the Samsung Galaxy S6 & Note 5 onwards have Qi Wireless charging enabled.  Other popular phones that are Qi wireless enabled include the Nokia 920, 928, 930. 820. 1520, the HTC 8X, Droid DNA, Rzound, Incredible 4G LTE and the Google Nexus 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Apple iPhone 5, 6 & 7 will need one our of our Qi wireless receivers or Qi receiver cases in addition to the chargers, as will any Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and the Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4 models. We also stock a universal Qi receiver card for most Android USB charged phones.

If you're not sure what you need for your phone in order to get wireless charging, just get in contact with us and we'll gladly advise you. Tel: 01935 825914

Wireless Phone Charging
The convenience of Qi Wireless Phone Charging

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was founded in 2008. Since this date, it has been at the forefront of both promoting and developing the technology to enable phone charging without leads.The WPC established a specification for this technology 2009. This is crucial, as it unites various manufacturers under a common standard. This unit was named Qi, after the Chinese word for spiritual energy flow.  There is a competing wireless standard under the PMA and AirFuel Alliance. Similar to the competing DVD and BlueRay standards, Qi is the most widely accepted.

To establish the Qi standard, the WPC has 120 + Industry partners, including Microsoft, Google and Sony. As a major player among these, Samsung have pre-wired all their Galaxy S3, S4, S5 (not Mini) and Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4 phones to accept this method of charging.

This means you can use Wireless Phone Charging’s series of genuine WPC Samsung Qi wireless charging receiver cards to charge your Samsung device, provided it’s among those listed.

From the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the Galaxy and Note series have integrated Qi-standard (& PMA) wireless receivers and Fast Charge capability. With the future integration of the both the Qi standard and PMA (Power Matters Alliance, the WPC’s main competition) standard planned in their premium devices, as well as the easy cost-effective conversion of past models, this Korean Electronics giant is pioneering Qi wireless charging. Apple has recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium (& PMA) and are likely to continue with the Qi standard or both.

At Wireless Phone Chargers, we sell only genuine Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) authorised and tested Qi wireless chargers and receivers, manufactured to the International standard by current WPC members. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia Lumia, HTC or Google Nexus you can benefit from these wireless chargers. With free public wireless charging being integrated into McDonald's, Starbucks, Wetherspoons etc Lexus and Ikea integrating wireless pads into their current product ranges, once your phone is Qi-enabled charging is becoming universally available and convenient.

Having specialised in these products for 5 years, we have a select range of wireless phone battery charging pads, including wireless portable phone chargers, for everyday phone charging. The wireless power bank, enables you to charge by wireless all day, whilst connected to a laptop and then when you disconnect the wireless portable charger, it still retains at least 1-2 further charges for wireless charging on the go, great for trains and travel.

If you're interested in our wireless chargers then please do not hesitate to take a look through our product line to find one that suits you. If you encounter any problems or you have a question about compatibility then please contact us at [email protected]

Qi Wireless Chargers
Qi Wireless Chargers
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