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Our Qi wireless phone chargers and portable wireless power banks, which are all tested and fully authorised by WPC, work with any Qi wireless-enabled phone. This includes the new Apple iPhone X & iPhone 8 smart-phones and most Samsung Galaxy models. They also enable Qi wireless charging with earlier iPhone or Samsung smartphone models that have been converted to accept Qi wireless phone charging using one of our genuine WPC Qi wireless receivers. Although the Fast Chargers will charge any Qi-enabled phone, only those (Samsung S6 on) will benefit from a faster charging rate.

What is wireless charging?

It is only recently that the technology for wireless charging (and the Qi International standard) for phones has caught up with mobile phone industry. In order for wireless charging to work, you need a transmitter pad (mat) and a wireless receiver in the mobile phone, to transfer the charge to the battery. Most of the newest mobile phones available from the Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Google and HTC now have built-in Qi wireless receivers, older Apple iPhone 5, 6 & 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3-S5 models can still be converted with one of our QI wireless receivers.

The technology is not dissimilar to how an electric toothbrush has been charged the past 30 years, low-frequency coils in both the transmitter and receiver to transfer a current to your battery.

All our wireless chargers conform to the WPC Qi International induction charging standard. Why Qi ?, because this time around, instead of having multiple connectors for each brand of phone, Qi ensures that all receivers and transmitters (phones and chargers) are compatible with each other. This long-term standardisation has meant that brands such as Mercedes, Lexus, Airbus and Restaurant chains have the confidence to invest in the charging pads, knowing that whatever phones are introduced in the future, they will comply with the same standard.

Want to ask a question ?  Not sure which one is suitable? The Video below from the Gadget Show 2015 explains in more detail.

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Wireless Phone Chargers have been involved in Wireless Charging for the past 5 years. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was set up by the major phone Companies, including Samsung, Sony, Google, Nokia and Microsoft to develop an International Standard for all future Qi wireless charging products.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, 3, 4  mobile phones have all been 'pre-wired' in manufacture to fit one of our WPC Qi wireless receiver cards. The Apple iPhone  5, 6 & 7 can all be retrofitted with one of our phone covers with inbuilt Qi wireless receivers. We are also able to convert the majority of all other phones to enable Qi wireless phone charging with one of our external micro USB receiver cards. Some recent smartphones, including Google Nexus, some Nokia and the Samsung Galaxy S6 onwards, have Qi wireless charging already built in.

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